About landscapes and lampshades

My regular secondhand-shop quest for objects brought me about 8 years ago three cone-shaped lampshades. One cracked already during transport, the others ended up in storage. In time one of them found a spot in 2016 in Human Landscape # 1 (Boulevard Hausmann).

Human landscape # 1 Boulevard Hausmann, mixed materials, 2016, during ‘Heimliches Heimkommen’ at Kunstverein Emmerich

Last fall when I started a series of commemorative landscapes it became quite clear that the only one left would not by far be enough to fulfill my wishes. Just two visits to a nearby secondhand-store in the quite rural area I live in where sufficient to find – the first stop two, the second stop three – more very simular lampshades. It’s always a gift when – while working – providence takes over supplying!

I am calling, plywood, wood, brass, glass & electric wire, 2019

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