Connect Colin Waeghe & Casper ter Heerdt @vzwIJsberg (B)

‘Connection’ will be this year’s general theme at Stichting IJsberg in Damme (B). The exhibition ‘Connect’ will invite two artists in who’s work underlying connection can be seen and experienced.

Jan Moeyaert invited Colin Waeghe (B) and me to bring our work into a dialogue. ‘Connect’ can be seen from April 2nd – June 27th at Stichting IJsberg in Damme (B). As a visitor you are invited to come and experience the work and it’s underlying connections.

More about ‘Connect’, Colin Waeghe and Stichting IJsberg you will find at IJsberg.

IJsberg will – due to Covid measures – not organise events but is open for visitors. I hope the situation will change in the coming month’s and travelling to Belgium from abroad will be possible again!

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